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Big contract for Mourinho

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho will become the highest-paid figure in his profession next week, said "Telegraph". This is due to his new major advertising contract, according to which Mou will receive an additional approximately four million pounds. Special will become the new face of the official sponsor of the Champions League, "Heineken" and the news will be announced on Tuesday. With this contract, revenues from advertising contracts Mourinho will boost to about 10 million pounds per year. They are added to the 12 million pounds that Jose receives as a salary at Manchester United. Jose Mourinho will be the star in the new TV commercial of "Heineken", which is already taken. The video is directed by Guy Ritchie. Filming took place in April in Prague. According to "The Telegraph" the scenario of the video is that the Portuguese has a speech, which motivates his players, but it is addressed to the fans. Mourinho calls on supporters to go to a nearby pub to watch the match of the Champions League.